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Name Winchester Star

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FAM 1977.34 - Vinson-Owen Collection

The V-O collection was donated to the Winchester Historical Society in 1977 by Frank V. Monkiewicz who bought the V-O house at 195 High St. The items were left in the house by the previous owner, Gertrude Vinson, mother of Maribel Vinson-Owen. In 1983, Mary Vitka (1922-2007) donated items that were part of the Vinson-Owen Elementary School collection. Mary was a secretary in the Winchester School Department and a member of the Winchester Historical Society. This collection contains papers and materials that belonged to the Vinson-Owen family who were U.S. National Champion figure skaters and resided in Winchester, Mass. They died tragically in 1961 when the airplane carrying the U.S. team

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FAM 1979.20 - Harris and Nina Richardson Collection

This collection contains a variety of materials from Harris Sawyer Richardson, an American politician who served as President of the Massachusetts State Senate. Harris Richardson and his sister, Nina Richardson, acquired this collection, which contains mostly newspaper clippings. The clipping were published in various Massachusetts newspapers, including the Winchester Star and the Boston Globe. Also of interest is correspondence, minutes, and draft bills from Richardson time on the State Senate.

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FAM 2013.13 - Frank J. Wills Family Collection

This collection contains family photographs, personal and professional papers, and some religious clippings and pamphlets once belonging to Frank J Wills and his family, who lived in Winchester in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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NWS 1100.04 - Limited Edition Periodicals

This collection contains short-run periodicals that were printed in Winchester by residents. The articles detail a variety of topics, from sports to politics to local events. For many of the publications, it is unknown if additional issues or copies were printed. The publications include, in order of publication date, Winchester Advertiser, Winchester Times, The Winchester Gazette, The Breeze, The Ben Franklin Junior, The Lucky Dog, and Winchester Town Crier. See the container list for issues and dates.

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NWS 1100.12 - Newspaper Articles and Clippings

This collection includes copies of published articles on various topics in the history of Winchester, most written during the late nineteenth century. The first part of the collection contains typed copies of articles, some of which combine clippings and typed information. The second part includes a collection of articles mounted into scrapbooks, plus some loose clippings (mostly now photocopied). This collection has the appearance of being the work of a local historian, perhaps a member of the Winchester Historical & Genealogical Society, attempting to collect local history at a time when there was no History of Winchester.

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ORG 1100.19 - Winchester Organizations

This is an artificial collection that contains papers relating to different organizations throughout Winchester's history. The organizations represented in the collection include the Calumet Club, the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, the William Parkman Lodge, the Winchester Country Club, and the Winchester Village Improvement Association, among others. The collection contains correspondence, by-laws, membership lists, and other materials relating to the structure of the organizations. The collection also includes photographs and programs of different events hosted by the various clubs. It is an open collection and new items may be added. Some of the organizations have their own finding

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ORG 2015.08 - Jumelage Winchester - St. Germain-En-Laye

This collection consists of papers and clippings about the Jumelage, which translates to "twinning" in English. Officials from St. Germain-en-Laye, a city in Northern France, and Winchester established the relationship in 1990. The relationship involves cultural and social exchanges. The collection pertains to the early years of the exchange and includes newspaper clippings, information about the first delegation's visit to Winchester, membership information, and newsletters. The collection also includes information about the history of St. Germain.

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ORG 2016.17 - World War II Bond Committee Collection

The materials in this collection document activities of the Defense Bond Committee, appointed in October 1941, which became the War Bond Committee after the United States officially entered World War II. Included are newspaper clippings, telegrams, photographs, and pamphlets that detail the committee's role in Winchester during the war. The collection was assembled by Florence T. Bird, wife of Maurice C. Bird, chairman of the Winchester War Bond Committee.

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WNS 1100.07 - Anniversaries and Celebrations Collection

This collection contains items from the collections of the Winchester Historical Society on local, state, and national anniversary celebrations. Winchester has held events to celebrate anniversaries such as the Massachusetts Bay Tercentenary, the Bicentennial, and the Winchester 350th Anniversary. Items include newspaper clippings, poster and publicity announcements, event programs, and brochures.

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WNS 1100.10 - Transportation Collection

This collection contains materials formerly kept by the Winchester Historical Society on the topic of transportation. Subjects within the collection include railroads, streetcars, and the Middlesex Canal, specifically the Middlesex Canal Association. Materials include newspaper clippings, articles, small maps, and reports.

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WNS 1100.14 - African-American Community Collection

This collection, created at the request of the Winchester Multi-Cultural Network, includes documents, studies, and photographs about the local African-American community and local Black History Month observances. Since the Winchester community had ties with the West Medford community, information about the latter is also included.

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WNS 1100.16 - Ephemera Collection

This collection contains a variety of documents relating to local businesses and government. Also included are materials publicizing and documenting social happenings in Winchester and the surrounding areas.

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WNT 1977.30 - Winchester Public Library Collection

This collection contains catalogs, bulletins, reports, and other papers of the South Woburn Library Association, Winchester Agricultural Library Association, Winchester Library Association, and Winchester Public Library. The bulk of the collection was accessioned in 1977, gleaned from the uncatalogued papers of the Winchester Historical Society.

Image of 1200.10.113 - 576 Main Street

1200.10.113 - 576 Main Street

576 Main Street, at the corner of Main and Park streets, then used for the offices of Dr. D. J. Senna, dentist, and John Morgan, lawyer, plus a potpourri store. Behind is the Winchester Star building. In the background is the spire of the Congregational Church.

Image of 1200.10.245 - Church and Vine Streets

1200.10.245 - Church and Vine Streets

View of Church Street at the intersection with Vine Street including the Winchester National Bank and Winchester Star Building

Image of 1200.10.52

1200.10.52 -

Two views of Winchester Center, showing (l-r) railroad gates (with the sign for the Winchester Star above it, far left), Main Street looking north, entrance to Shore Road, Lyceum Building, entrance to Mount Vernon Street, and (in photo 1 only) the Brown and Stanton Building, with a piece of the Puffer insurance sign.

Image of 1200.10.53 - Winchester Center

1200.10.53 - Winchester Center

Winchester Center looking toward the Common and Church Street. To the right are the White Building, Hillside Paint and Wallpaper Company, the rear of the Winchester Star building, and the spire of the Congregational Church.

Image of 1200.13.110

1200.13.110 -

Interior view of the Winchester Star office on Church Street. Jim Penalegan and Dot Lord are standing at the counter.

Image of 1200.13.64 - Winchester Star Building

1200.13.64 - Winchester Star Building

Winchester Star Building, 3-5 Church Street. The Parker & Lane Co. is to the left and a corner of the White Building is on the right.

Image of 1200.13.65 - Winchester Star Building

1200.13.65 - Winchester Star Building

Front door to the Winchester Star Building, 3-5 Church Street.